public liability insurance
The AA 12 Step Office public liability insurance cannot be extended to cover local groups. A public liability insurance policy is taken out by the General Service Board, to protect organisers of AA meetings in the event of a claim against them. Most groups would be unable to obtain premises to hold their meetings without evidence of this insurance policy. Please contact the General Service Office of AA to obtain a certificate of currency. (02) 9599 8866 gso@aa.org.au

why do AA groups support AA’s essential services?
Because the services benefit all A.A. groups. Our Seventh Tradition states that “Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”

A.A.s want our Fellowship to endure, and to be readily available for the still-suffering alcoholic to come. An A.A. group makes this possible by taking care of its basic group expenses: rent, refreshments, A.A. literature, etc. After meeting these basic group expenses and providing a meeting place, many groups participate by supporting the central or intergroup office in their locale, the area and district general service committees, and the General Service Office (G.S.O.).

how can groups participate?
To help support A.A.’s essential services, the General Service Conference suggests that individual groups, through an informed group conscience, adopt a specific contribution plan tailored to meet the group’s financial situation. Once the basic group expenses have been taken care of (rent, refreshments, A.A. literature), and a “prudent reserve” has been set aside to cover unexpected expenses, the group may decide to further carry the message by sending money to the following A.A. service entities:

  • The local intergroup or Central Service Office, which may provide phone service for the Twelfth Step calls and other inquiries; coordination of group activities; AA literature sales; institutions work; public information and cooperation with the professional community activities.
  • The local district, which communicates directly with the groups, providing the district group conscience for the area assemblies, and serving as a link between the area delegates and the G.S.R.s.
  • The area committee, which coordinates vital AA activities over a broad geographic area; sends a delegate to the annual General Service Conference; holds area assemblies to determine the needs of the Fellowship; and provides information at all levels of service.
  • AA’s General Service Office, which functions as a storehouse of AA information, communicating with members and groups in Australia, and sometimes around the world; supplies AA’s literature; as well as information and experience to professionals and others interested in AA