Central Service Representative

The role of the Central Service Representative (CSR) is an extremely important one and ensures information flow between your home group and the AA 12 Step Office.

It is suggested that CSR’s have a minimum of two years of sobriety, Alternate CSR’s a minimum of one year. The selection of CSR’s and Alternate CSR’s is independently conducted by individual meeting groups – and they have the right to elect whoever they believe to be suitable to fulfil the duties of the role.

duties of the role

  • Generally, represents their Group at quarterly General Meetings
  • Represents and communicates their groups’ conscience General Meetings
  • Makes, seconds and votes on motions and recommendations at General Meetings
  • Keeps the AA 12 Step Office database up to date with current secretary and other role changes as they arise
  • Requests financial support for 12 Step Office from their Group as appropriate
  • Carries the message of the value of Service in AA where possible
  • Passing on all communications from the 12 Step Office including copies of newsletters, bulletins and announcements
  • Notifying the AA 12 Step Office when the CSR for a group changes
  • Notify the AA 12 Step Office of address changes for posting of FREE meetings books
  • Ensuring their Group has an Alternate CSR to attend meetings when the CSR is unavailable
  • Can stand as a candidate for election to a 12 Step Office Sub-Committee or to the Steering Committee at the end of their term

Keeps their groups advised of the work of the Steering Committee including;

  • Need for new volunteers
  • Need for phone roster volunteers
  • Fundraising and events

alternate CSR
Fills the role of CSR at AA 12 Step Office General Meetings and their home groups’ Group Conscience meetings in the absence of the CSR and it is suggested that Alternate CSR’s have a minimum of one year of sobriety. It is also suggested that the CSR and Alternate be an active group member preferably having performed service work at the group level, such as attendance at Group Conscience meetings, chairing meetings, and any other effort to help the group.

rotation of CSRs
When a Group becomes a member of AA 12 Step Office Inc. and sends a CSR, they will be listed in one of two Rotation panels:

1. Odd Year and 2. Even Year.

Each CSR will serve for a term of 2 years ideally from March 1st to the end of February in the next year of their relevant panel. This term may not be extended. After serving one term no one will be eligible for election as an CSR for the next 4 years, and no one will be eligible for a third term. If a CSR resigns in the 2nd year of their term, the Alternate will stand in to complete the term.

If the resignation occurs in the first year of the term, the group is responsible to ensure they have a CSR and Alternate elected as soon as is practical. The commitment of these newly elected service representatives will run from election date until the originally scheduled rotation date. Both are eligible for re-election.

This is a process modelled on the rotation of delegates at the National Conference. This process ensures that we maintain the spirit of rotation and bring new people in to service and makes certain that there is a mix of experienced and new CSRs each year.