General Meetings

Sending a Central Service Representative (CSR) to our meetings is the best way for your group to participate and engage with your elected, volunteer steering committee members.

We look forward to sharing the 12 Step Office news, reports and updates with you.

General Meetings are held on the third Sunday of February, May and August and the Annual General Meeting is held on the third Sunday of November.

Time: 2pm
Venue: Will Sampson Centre, 102 Henry St, Windsor

General Meetings are composed of nominated Group representatives – known as Central Service Representatives (CSR’s) and the Steering Committee which is comprised of five elected volunteer members. Observers are very welcome to attend.

In keeping with the principle of each group having only one voice, observers may not participate in discussions or votes. However, in some circumstances, the Chairperson may exercise their discretion to invite a non-CSR to speak when that person has special knowledge or information on a subject, the sharing of which will help produce a more informed outcome.

Elected Alternate Central Service Representatives will have participation and voting rights only when attending in place of the CSR.