In keeping with AA’s 7th Tradition of self-support, we only accept contributions from AA members and AA groups declining outside contributions.

where money and spirituality mix
Members celebrate sobriety by giving time, energy and money in support of our 12th Step – carrying the message—the basic service that the AA Fellowship offers. Members assure that group expenses are paid by putting money into the basket passed at each meeting. It is each member’s responsibility to support the services that have been requested by the AA Fellowship, to help facilitate AA’s vital 12th Step. Contributions are made in a spirit of sacrifice, and they honour AA’s code of “love and service.”

Contributions also underscore the spiritual nature of our Fellowship and our mutual love and trust. We have found that these contributions are as important to each member as they are to the service centres supported.

100% of your contributions, personal or group, are allocated to our operating costs of rent, telephone, web, technology, insurance, utilities, mail out and general expenses. This money is essential in enabling us to fulfil our primary purpose, as well as providing group services.

How to Contribute:
Cheque or money order payments may be made to:

AA 12 Step Office Incorporated
PO Box 3130
Prahran East Vic 3181

Payments can be transferred as follows:

AA 12 Step Office Contributions Account
063 243  1029 6223     (please note payee)

AA 12 Step Office Literature Account
063 243  1029 7832     (please note payee)