About Us

Welcome to the AA 12 Step Office website. This website is a resource for AA Members. If you are new to Alcoholics Anonymous please go to aa.org.au

The 12 Step Office Prahran is located at 46 Porter St Prahran, Victoria 3181.

“Our Twelfth Step, carrying the message, is the basic service that the AA Fellowship gives: this is our principal aim and the main reason for our existence. Therefore, AA is more than a set of principles; it is a society of alcoholics in action. We must carry the message, else we ourselves can wither and those who haven’t been given the truth may die.”  Bill W

We are the only Central Service Office in Melbourne recognised by the General Service Board as listed on the national website www.aa.org.au

our primary purpose
The primary purpose of the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Office in Prahran is to carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers through our 24 – hour telephone helpline.

100% volunteer
We have no paid employees and are staffed by Volunteer members from supporting AA groups.

how is the AA 12 Step Office funded?
100 % of your contributions, personal or group, are allocated to our operating costs. This money is essential in enabling us to fulfil our primary purpose, as well as providing group services.

what does the AA 12 Step Office do?

  • Maintain a 24-hour helpline
  • Sale of AA Conference approved literature
  • Produce and supply FREE meetings books
  • E-Newsletter
  • Information service for groups
  • Maintains records of registered groups
  • Supporting new groups
  • Public information
  • Cooperation with the professional community

maintain a 24-hour help line. We are open 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm operating 14-day phone shifts and 7 after hours’ phone shifts.

sale of AA Conference approved literature. Literature is purchased from the General Service Office of AA and volunteer members process and dispatch individual and group orders.

produce and supply FREE meetings books. Meetings books are printed and collated in house and dispatched on the third Saturday of every month. To receive free meetings books for your group please ensure your postal address is updated as positions rotate.

AA 12 Step Office News. A monthly E-Newsletter is distributed free of charge to registered groups and provides updates on Steering Committee activities, notices of general meetings and upcoming fun and fundraising events. To subscribe email mailout@aamelbourne.org.au

information service for groups. Various enquiries are received by telephone, mail, and email. Where possible, volunteers attempt to respond to these enquiries within two business days.

maintain records of registered groups. A database of registered groups is maintained. We are dependent on groups to ensure that this information is accurate. To update your details email mailout@aamelbourne.org.au

support new groups. A complimentary package of literature is sent to all newly registered groups.

public information. Volunteers respond to numerous enquiries from the public. 12th Step calls are referred to the nearest AA member. We also receive many requests for assistance from TV, radio and newspapers, when a story relating to alcoholism is about to be broadcast or published.

cooperation with the professional community. Many enquiries are received from members of the professional community – the medical profession, the legal profession, the armed forces, the clergy, schools, universities, and many others.